EAS Retail Security Systems

We aim to provide retail market with unique security products that prevent theft and reduce shrinkage within their store environment. We strive to source the latest design and most innovative products manufactured from around the world. We offer the best value for money solutions in industry. We do this by listening to feedback from customers and using our knowledge and expertise to come up with new ideas or improve existing products to achieve better operational performance and ultimately stop profits walking out of the door. .

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Retail Security Systems

Samatic is a leading Retail security systems provider that is dealing with a wide variety of security solutions to assist the store owners and retailers in keeping away the thefts and shoplifting. For the last few years, we are catering the clients with superior checkpoint security systems attached to hard and soft tags. Samatic has the potential to provide one of the most extensive arrays of EAS security system, incorporating AM, RF, security pedestals, 66KHz tags, Detacher and a comprehensive variety of accomplices along with the non-EAS commodities like warning labels, and ink tags.
EAS security system is playing a significant role in ensuring the fair deals and anti-theft processing of products and items in a store dealing with hundreds of items.
Samatic operates with a few of the highly recognizable merchants to produce the industry-specific checkpoint security systems to promote the retail stores and enable them to provide better solutions. We deliver a wide range of these high-level EAS security solutions to retail chains, mid-market merchants, and small-scale retail administrators.
Our impeccable series of retail security solutions assist in offering recurring protection layers for your clients, products, and services. These solutions begin with anti-theft systems based on source-tagging technology at the spot of production, throughout the process over authentic Sensormatic label EAS security at each merchant security door, departure, and checkpoint.

Benefits of Retail Security Systems

  • Enhances Staff Safety
  • Deters Theft
  • Advances Customer Assistance
  • Supports Open Presentation Of Products
  • Cost-Effective
  • Simple To Manage And Easy To Operate
  • Greater ROI